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    Shenzhen Yspring Technology Co.,Ltd. which was founded in December 2007,is a IC design company ,which was originated by common efforts of internal talented Returned students and internal risk investor. The company devoted it's mind to consumer electronics product and turn towards to various electron trade and filed, providing splendid products and professional service for clients , where developed products including CMOS photoelectric sensor and it's integrated circute, low power capacitive touch control chip,MCU, etc.

    Yspring Company, which always revolve around " lgnite a brilliant future of electrons and photons" and follow scientific developing type and devoted business strategy, diligently to become the photoelectric and mixed integrated circuit design and the overall solution plan of the development of industry leaders. After the acquisition of Taiwan MDT product ,the company improved  much ,such as , more advanced technology, more powerful team and innovation. MCU design ability arrived on a new level. As a result, the company has become a few, the product range and characteristics of the most rich, cost-effective MCU manufacturers. Since Yspring technology was established, with profound knowledge achieved the great leap forward development, has become currently the only company along with photoelectric imaging, simulation, MCU technology of IC design companies, together with world leading companies competition foundation and strength.

    The field of science and technology developed like “a thousand airlines compete, a thousand li a day”. As the integrated circuit design of beach goers, the professional team of Yspring technology with the purpose of paying attention to credibility , excellent business philosophy, fine product performance, fully optimized circuit design and solutions and first-class engineering and technical support services,followed by technological progress, take continuous innovation to meet the needs of the global customers, with the vast number of system manufacturers to work together to design a personalized features and meet the needs of users of the chip products, and actively promote the development of domestic information electronics industry.

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